Phoenix Natural Gas

phoenix natural gas Installer Bangor

We are proud members and installers of Phoenix Natural Gas and have been working for them now for several years.

So what is Phoenix Natural Gas?

Phoenix Natural Gas is the largest gas distribution business in Northern Ireland, they are the owner and operator of the licence for the distribution network in the Greater Belfast area. Phoenix Natural Gas is responsible for the development of pipeline networking and they provide a 24/7 service to their suppliers under the rules of their network code.

The Phoenix Natural Gas network distributes natural gas throughout the licenced area, representing around 50% of Gas for the population of Northern Ireland. In the last 12 years around 140,000 customers have connected to Phoenix Natural gas.

Why switch to Phoenix Natural Gas?

At Mk Plumbing & Heating Services we are proud installers for Phoenix Natural Gas, and can install all the services that this distribution has to offer. Main reasoning for switching to this would be:

Its Convenient - You will never run out of fuel ever again, which also means you can ditch the oil tanks in your property.

Its Instant - Instant supply of hot water and cosy heat means you don't need to worry about your heat running out.

Its Efficient - A brand new boiler is over 90% efficient compared to 60% of boilers 15 years ago.

Its Versatile and Great reviews - This Gas can be used for cooking, real flame fired, barbeques and tumble drying. Plus over 90% of our customers have experienced Phoenix Natural Gas benefits and would recommend to family and friends.

Great for the Environment - Natural Gas can cut your home's central heating carbon footprint in half, which is a brilliant gain for the environment